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Testi delle canzoni
di Daniel Johnston

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   1989 Blues
   A Little Story
   A Walk In The Wind
   Almost Got Hit By A Truck
   An Idiot's End
   Big Business Monkey
   Billions / Rock
   Blue Cloud
   Blue Clouds
   Burn Baby Burn
   Bye Bye Barbie
   Can`t Get Over You
   Cathy Cline
   Chord Organ Blues
   Circus Man
   Closer To The Truth
   Cold Hard World
   Crazy (baby, You`re Driving Me Crazy)
   Crazy Love
   Creature/3rd Chair
   Danny Don`t Rapp
   Delusion + Confusion
   Dem Blues
   Despair Came Knocking
   Desperate Man Blues
   Do It Right
   Do You Really Love Me?
   Don't Act Nice
   Don't Be Scared
   Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
   Evening Stars
   Excuse Me
   Favorite Darling Girl
   Fly Eye
   Follow That Dream
   For The Love Of Pete
   Foxy Girl
   Frankenstein Love
   Freak Out
   Frustrated Artist
   Get Yourself Together
   Girl Of My Dream
   Going Down
   Goldfish And The Frog
   Good Morning You
   Grievances Revisited
   Happy Talk
   Happy Time
   Harley Man
   Heart Mind And Soul
   Held Her Hand
   Her Blues
   Hey Joe
   Hickory Stick Love
   I Am A Baby
   I Can`t Think Anymore
   I Had A Dream About You
   I Had Lost My Mind
   I Know What I Want
   I Live For Love
   I Lose
   I Picture Myself With A Guitar
   I Remember Painfully
   I Save Cigarette Butts
   I Saw Her Standing There
   I Will
   Impossible Love
   In A Lifetime
   I`ll Never Marry
   I`m Gonna Buy Me A Car
   Jelly Beans
   Joy Without Pleasure
   Keep Punching Joe
   King Kong
   Kool Aid
   Life In Vain
   Living Life
   Love Defined
   Love Enchanted
   Love Forever
   Love Wheel
   Love Will See You Through
   Man Obsessed
   Mind Contorted
   Monkey In A Zoo
   Mountain Top
   Museum Of Love
   My Life Is Starting Over
   My Little Girl
   My Yoke Is Heavy
   Nervous Love
   Never Before, Never Again
   Never Get To Heaven
   Never Relaxed
   No More Pushing Joe Around
   Oh, No!
   Only Missing You
   Peek A Boo
   Phantom Of My Own Opera
   Polka Dot Rag
   Poor You
   Premarital Sex
   Psycho Nightmare
   Rock 'n' Roll, Ega
   Rock This Town
   Rocket Ship
   Running Water
   Running Water Revisited
   Sad Sac + Tarzan
   She Called Pest Control
   Silly Love
   Since I Lost My Tooth
   Softly And Tenderly
   Some People Don't Even Know If It's Christmas Time.
   Sorry Entertainer
   Speeding Motorcycle
   Stars On Parade
   Strange Boy
   Surely You Don`t Work All Night
   Syrup Of Tears
   Tell Me Now
   The Dream Is Over
   The Marching Guitars
   The Monster Inside Of Me
   The Spook
   The Startling Facts
   The Story Of An Artist
   The Sun Shines Down On Me
   This Song
   True Grief
   True Love Will Find You In The End
   Tuna Ketchup
   Walking The Cow
   Wedding Ring Bell Blues
   When I Met You
   When We All Become Famous In The Sky
   Wicked World
   Worried Shoes
   You Put My Love Out The Door
   You`re Gonna Make It, Joe
   You`re Not Laura
Testi canzoni di Daniel Johnston

Syrup Of Tears
Poor You
Jelly Beans
I Picture Myself With A Guitar
Don't Act Nice
I Am A Baby
I`m Gonna Buy Me A Car
Walking The Cow
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Testi delle canzoni di Daniel Johnston
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Testo della canzone
di Daniel Johnston
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