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Testi delle canzoni
di D12

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   Act A Fool
   Ain't Nuttin' But Music
   Aint Nuttin' But Music
   American Psycho
   American Psycho Ii
   American Pyscho
   Another Public Service Annoucement
   Another Public Service Announcement
   Bad Influence
   Blow My Buzz
   Bugz' 97
   Census Bureau
   Changed Man
   Come On In
   D12 World
   Desperados Ft. Almighty Dreadknaughts
   Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Scoundrels
   Doe Ray Me
   Don't Try This At Home
   Fight Music
   Get Back
   Get The Dick
   Hip Hop
   I Remember
   I Say Yeah
   I'll Be Damned
   It's Ok
   Keep Talking
   Kick In The Door
   Lies & Rumors
   My Ballz
   My Fault (pizza Mix)
   My Words Are Weapons
   Nasty Mind
   No One's Iller Than Me
   No Rubber
   Nuthin At All
   Obie Trice
   Obie Trice (skit)
   One Night Stand
   One Shot 2 Shot
   Outro (feat Obie Trice)
   Pass Dat Bong
   Pimp Like Me
   Pistol Pistol
   Purple Hills
   Purple Hills (radio Version)
   Purple Pills
   Rap Game
   Shit Can Happen
   Shit On You
   Steve Berman (skit)
   Steve's Coffee House (skit)
   Suck It
   Take The Whole World With Me (ft. Pace Won)
   That's How
   That's How (skit)
   These Drugs
   Throw It Up
   Till Hell Freezes Over
   Trife Thieves
   Udontwantnun (ft. Livio)
   Under The Influence
   W.e.g.o. (interlude)
   We Live This Shit
   Westwood Freestyle
   What What (feat. Da Brigade)
   When The Music Stops
   Whether Or Not

Attack Of The Weirdos

   Down Low
   Get The Dick (raw Mix, Featuring Tha Outsidaz)
   Rap Guys
   Trife Thieves Featuring Eminem & Fuzz)
   What What (featuring Da Brigade)

D12 World

   40 Oz
   6 In The Morning
   American Psycho 2
   Bizarre (skit)
   Bugz 97
   Commercial Break
   D-12 World
   Dude (skit)
   Git Up
   How Come
   Just Like U
   Leave Dat Boy Alone
   My Band
   U R The One

The Underground Ep

   6 Reasons
   Activity As Phuctivity
   Art Of War
   Bad News
   Bring Our Boys
   Chance To Advance
   Cock And Squeeze
   Derelict Theme
Testi canzoni di D12

Ain't Nuttin' But Music
Fight Music
Suck It
Changed Man
Get The Dick (raw Mix, Featuring Tha Outsidaz)
Rap Guys
Steve Berman (skit)
Album di D12

Attack Of The Weirdos
D12 World
The Underground Ep
Testi delle canzoni di D12
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Testo della canzone
di D12
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