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Testi delle canzoni
di Baboon Rising

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   A Doll's Life
   A Period Is A Period, Period.
   Albino Cheese Puffs
   Arctic Jungle
   Avian Honor
   Bathroom Inscriptions
   Beacon Of Connectivity
   Benevolent Creation
   Biocyber Virus Infection
   Bird Brain On A Holiday
   Blade Meets Blade
   Bring The Hammer Down
   Can't With 'em
   Carpet Bugs
   Cauliflour Ear
   Chronothermal Epidermis
   Clusterjunk Manik
   Coagulated Jelly Beans
   Cutting Blade
   Cy-cuaght-ik Love
   Defy Logic
   Democracy In The Usa
   Discordant Immunity
   Dorothy's Peculiarity
   Double H (hh)
   Dread Scott
   Dust In The Air
   Eddie Echo
   Element 112
   Ellis Island
   Elvis Is Alive And Well In
   Empty Plate
   Entrails Ripped From Produce Goods
   Envision Reality
   Excursions At The Pond
   Face Lift
   February 14th
   First Meal
   Fruit Fly
   Goose Quarters
   Hallow Jelly
   Hammer Time
   Helen, My Drummer's Illin'
   Hillbilly Man
   Immobile Boxes
   Impeach The Pair
   In Debt
   Inbred Cornbread
   Invasion Of The Snakehead
   Koils Of The Steel Ball Unwind
   Lethal Liddy
   Love Is A Cracked Head Gasket
   Love Was A Cracked Head Gasket
   Magnetic Guessing
   Maritime Lunacy
   Mastitis Blues
   Megland- Miniature World
   Melted Into Shape
   Molten Delight
   My Dog Billy
   Nation Building Rip
   No Sense, Nonsense
   Ode To The Kingpin
   Overdose On Happy Pills
   Pencil Eraser Aftertaste
   Persecuted Season
   Post Nasal Drip
   Preexisting Condition
   Pto Shaft
   Rat In A Spider Hole
   Riddle Of The Septadigits
   Ripkile Evanderlou
   Romantic Irony
   Sewer County, Usa
   Soldiers 'o Fortune
   Soup De Bugs
   Staple Remover
   Stone Bore Gore
   Telephone Patient
   The Authority Of Sewage
   The Chewing Gum Heist
   The Fight For Height
   The Jug Substance Incident
   The Leaning Pole Of Garber's Crossing
   The Politics Of Pungency
   The Pungent Man
   The Rising Of The Baboon
   The Shadow
   The Silo
   The War Of The Flies
   There's A Law Against Breakin' The Law
   Towering Icon
   Trash Can Blues
   Unseen Utilities
   Verbal Thoughts
   Weapon Of Honey Production
   What Lies Inside
   Why Bother/credit Card
   Your Love (pennywaste Revised)
   Your Love (pennywaste)
Testi canzoni di Baboon Rising

Coagulated Jelly Beans
Chronothermal Epidermis
There's A Law Against Breakin' The Law
Carpet Bugs
Avian Honor
Envision Reality
Koils Of The Steel Ball Unwind
Riddle Of The Septadigits
Ode To The Kingpin
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Testi delle canzoni di Baboon Rising
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di Baboon Rising
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