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Testi delle canzoni
di B. Gizzle

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   'n' My City
   'u' All 'n'
   187 Big Tymers
   6 Figure
   Ah Ha
   All On U
   Bat A Bitch
   Batt'em Up
   Bling Bling
   Bounce With Me
   Bout My Paper
   Cash Money Is An Army
   Cash Money Niggaz
   Cash Money Roll
   Change The World
   Clean Up Man
   Doce Horas
   Dog A$$
   Doing Bad
   Doing My Thang
   Don't Talk To Me
   Down For My Stacks
   Fool With I
   From Tha 13th To Tha 17th
   Gangsta Shit!!
   Geezy Where You Been
   Get In Line
   Get On My Feet
   Get Wild With It
   Get Your Shine On
   Hard Times
   He Used 2 Be A Man
   Heart Of Tha Streetz
   Hennessy & Xtc
   Hot Boys 226
   Hottest Of The Hot
   I Be Thinking
   I Know
   I'm Try'n
   Just Like That
   Knock Out
   Let It Flow
   Let's Get Funky
   Livin' Legend
   Made Man
   Mr. Fantastic
   My Life
   My Son & Daughter
   My World "i Want It
   Niggas Don't Understand
   Niggas N Trouble
   Only 4 U
   Order 20 Keys
   Plan Went Sour
   Play'n And Laugh'n
   Play'n It Raw
   Press One
   Real Niggaz
   Reed Richards
   Ride 2 Night
   Ride Or Die
   Ride With That
   Right Now
   Rollin' Raw
   Rolling In My Cadillac
   Round My Way
   Run With My Chopper
   Same Ol' Shit
   Silent B.g.
   Stay 'n' Line Hoe
   That's How We Get Down
   Thugged Out
   To My People
   Trigga Play
   True Story
   Uptown My Home
   Uptown Thang
   Uptown Thang (wait'n On Your Picture)
   Walk With Me
   What U Want Do
   What's That Smell
   Wheel Chairs
   Where Da At
   With Tha B.g.
   Work Dat Ass
   You Know How We Do
Testi canzoni di B. Gizzle

Play'n And Laugh'n
Uptown Thang
6 Figure
Bout My Paper
187 Big Tymers
Play'n It Raw
From Tha 13th To Tha 17th
Niggas Don't Understand
I'm Try'n
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Testi delle canzoni di B. Gizzle
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Testo della canzone
di B. Gizzle
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