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 1. Inertia  Spiritech  Alchemist
 2. Darkness Day  Silent Nation  Asia
 3. Honey For The Bees  Alf  Alison Moyet
 4. Initiation  Acrobatic Tenement  At The Drive-in
 5. Fatman  Good Luck  Big D And The Kids Table
 6. Laughing At Life  The Quintessential - Volume 8  Billie Holiday
 7. Do That Thing  You Got Served - O.s.t.  B2k
 8. Let Down  Superbeautifulmonster  Bif Naked
 9. Come Calling (her Song)  Lay It Down  Cowboy Junkies
 10. So Far Away  Her Greatest Hits: Songs Of Long Ago  Carole King
 11. Tribes  The C.o.m.a. Imprint  Candiria
 12. Instancias (los Vigilantes)  Artilleria Pesada: Presenta  Control Machete
 13. Teen Angel  The Tale Of Patches  Dickey Lee
 14. The Reflex  Decade  Duran Duran
 15. You Shouldn't Call The Doctor  Malpractice  Dr. Feelgood
 16. I've Got A Splitting Hedachi  Dawn Of The Dickies  Dickies
 17. Steppin' Out  Bbc Sessions  Eric Clapton
 18. Promised Land  Elvis Platinum-a Life In Music  Elvis Presley
 19. 2 Pieces Of Drama  White Trash Beautiful  Everlast
 20. Immortal Crucify  Within The Night  Epoch Of Unlight
 21. Lead The Way  Hide Nothing  Further Seems Forever
 22. Master Ringo  Everything Is Healing Nicely  Frank Zappa
 23. Limp  When The Pawn  Fiona Apple
 24. You Are My Joy (interlude)  Faith Evans  Faith Evans
 25. Take Me  We Go Together  George Jones
 26. Ace In The Hole  50 Number Ones  George Strait
 27. Days Gone By  In The Land Of Salvation And Sin  Georgia Satellites
 28. Jupiter And Teardrop  Fuzzy  Grant Lee Buffalo
 29. Please Please Please (young Hollywood)  Decadence  Head Automatica
 30. Terminal Annex  Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?  Harvey Danger
 31. Alright Already Now  Grande Rock  Hellacopters
 32. The Dark Ride  The Dark Ride  Helloween
 33. Thou Art Incarnated Souls  Chaoschrist  Izakaron
 34. Just Want You To Know  Close Enough For Ska  I Voted For Kodos
 35. The Gift  Full Moon Dirty Hearts  Inxs
 36. Faithless  Burn It Black  Injected
 37. Gone Before Light  Bonafide  Jon B
 38. Crazy Mama  Naturally  J J Cale
 39. Love Song To A Stranger  In Concert 2  Joan Baez
 40. The One Rose  Unchained  Johnny Cash
 41. Ruby Red  Stereo Concert Plus  Kingston Trio
 42. Handprints On The Wall  Back To The Well  Kenny Rogers
 43. North Dakota  Appetite  Kris Delmhorst
 44. Reasons To Leave (heaven On Earth)  Red-letter Day  Kieran Goss
 45. Mad Hatter  Vicious Cycle  Lynyrd Skynyrd
 46. Umbrella Song  Little Ms.lea Salonga: Tomorrow  Lea Salonga
 47. Je T'appartiens  Pure  Lara Fabian
 48. Try  The Way It Really Is  Lisa Loeb
 49. Slither  Re-load  Metallica
 50. Primal Scream  Greatest Hits  Motley Crue
 51. Writing Wrongs  The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees  Monkees
 52. Ohio River  Floyds  Marvelous3
 53. Caledonia  Into The Ring  Nazareth
 54. On The Outside  Making Friends  No Use For A Name
 55. Self Vilification  Really Fast  Nasum
 56. Why Oh Why?  The Silence Is Broken  Nelson
 57. Iron Man  Tribute To Randy Rhoads  Ozzy Osbourne
 58. Holy Martyr  The Curse  Omen
 59. Supermans's Dead  Clumsy  Our Lady Peace
 60. Tumbando Y Dando  El Kilo  Orishas
 61. Night Train To Lorca  Peace And Love  Pogues
 62. Texas On My Mind  Three Days  Pat Green
 63. Say Hello  Testify  P O D
 64. Tea For Two  Hey Eugene  Pink Martini
 65. Mr. Bad Guy  The Freddie Mercury  Queen
 66. Flash's Theme Reprise (victory Celebrations)  Flash Gordon (soundtrack)  Queen
 67. Doussa Res  Qntal I  Qntal
 68. Let Me Live  Made In Heaven  Queen
 69. Eclipse  In The Flesh Live  Roger Waters
 70. The Return (of The Velvet Bear)  The Return  Ruben Studdard
 71. Sunday Morning  Trying To Kiss The Sun  Rpwl
 72. Someone Sometime  In A Different Light  Rainbirds
 73. Falscher Heiland  Engelskrieger  Subwayto Sally
 74. Victim Of Love  Yes You Can  Steve Harley
 75. Bury Your Head  Saosin  Saosin
 76. Saddo  We Are Shampoo  Shampoo
 77. Tecumseh Valley  Live At The Old Quarter (houston, Texas)  Townesvan Zandt
 78. Flowers  Plastic Green Head  Trouble
 79. Semi Suite  The Heart Of Saturday Night  Tom Waits
 80. Declaration  Declaration  The Alarm
 81. Rubber Ball (space Kitchen)  Underneath The Radar  Underworld
 82. Oracabessa Moonshine  Guns In The Ghetto  Ub40
 83. Continue  Youth Betrayal And The Awakening  Union13
 84. Gypsy  Uriah Heep Live  Uriah Heep
 85. Scars  Dark Rivers Of The Heart  Veilof Sorrow
 86. Rob No One  Galleries  Visionaries
 87. I'm Set Free  The Velvet Underground  Velvet Underground
 88. The Way It Is  Hardline  Vegan Reich
 89. Life Begins At The Hop  Xtc Live  Xtc
 90. Muthafucka  Weapons Of Mass Destruction  Xzibit
 91. Some Other Time  Wild Gift  X
 92. Losin' Your Mind  Man Vs Machine  Xzibit
 93. All The Ghosts  The Flowerbed Of Oblivion  Year Of The Gone
 94. Wherever You Are  Mountain High... Valley Low  Yolanda Adams
 95. Who Can You Believe In?  Sink With Kalifornija  Youth Brigade
 96. Ship Of Fools  Attack!!  Yngwie Malmsteen
 97. Indaco Dagli Occhi Del Cielo  Zu & Co.  Zucchero
 98. Famous Last Words  Zzyzx  Zeromancer
 99. Angel's Calling  Zebra Iv  Zebra
 100. Certified Blues  First Album  Zz Top
 101. More Than Love  End Of Part One: Their Greatest Hits  Wetwet Wet
 102. Bring Me Back My Heart  The Wilburn Brothers Show  Wilburn Brothers
 103. Sold Out  American Made  Wakefield
 104. The Whole In My Wall  Dog Eat Dog  Warrant
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